Writing Workshops

Creative Writing Workshop Using the AWA Method

Don’t know where to begin writing, experiencing writer’s block, want to meet other writers? Come join beginning and experienced writers in the spirit of a writing community. During the workshop, participants write in response to provided prompts and have the option to read their work aloud.  All writing is treated as fiction to keep the focus on the writing. Confidentiality is respected and maintained. Participants receive positive feedback on what is strong in the writing. Time is allotted to discuss elements of writing which help the writer to improve their craft.

Writing Your Spiritual Memoir

Do you pay attention to and listen to your life experiences?  Have you wanted to take those experiences and transform them into a spiritual memoir?  Come join other writers who want to craft their story, discover the holiness in personal memories and support spiritual growth.  The “Writing Your Spiritual Memoir” Workshop uses writing exercises, readings from spiritual writers and conversation as we tell our stories by connecting hope, faith, doubt, sorrow and joy.  Join us as we discover spiritual memoir through honest inquiry to questions that surround us and the answers that may be revealed. Learn more about Spiritual Memoir and savor the meditative process as you listen to your voice and put into words what you hear.

Personal Journaling

Do you keep a journal? Don’t keep one because you don’t know how to start or what to write? The “Personal Journaling” workshop will answer those questions and much more. Journaling is an effective healing tool and is known to have many positive benefits. It helps in recovery from grief and loss, improves perspectives on life, clarifies unanswered questions and enhances personal growth.  By regularly recording your thoughts, personal insights are gained. Journaling can be a permanent record and cathartic release.  Your journaled thoughts, feelings and insights are often a guide for future writing projects.  Entries are expanded into personal essays or stories and solidify memories to help write your memoir or life story.

Journal Writing for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver? Do you wonder how you can reduce stress, provide some self-time, and re-direct bouts of anger? Caring for yourself by reducing your stress will better enable you to be present for what comes your way. Journal writing can be reflective writing that helps mental, physical and emotional health. “Journal Writing for Caregivers” provides an opportunity to clarify issues, concerns and challenges that affect the caregiver and the person receiving the care.  Discover how writing your thoughts and feelings may help you the caregiver gain a better understanding of the issues taking place.

Women Write: Thrive Through the Chaos of Divorce!

The journey through divorce is often a time of confusion, uncertainty, challenge and chaos. Don’t just survive, thrive through the divorce process! “Women Write: Thrive Through the Chaos of Divorce!”  is a safe, supportive community of women experiencing the same things you do. Through nurturing writing prompts, participants write from their deepest emotions as they journey to clarity, certainty and forward thinking in a nurturing environment.

Write Your Loss- No Matter What or When

Everyone experiences loss. It comes at different times and means different things. Loss often happens when least expected. It can be subtle such as downsizing, kids going off to college or a major life disruption when you begin the next chapter of your life. “Write Your Loss- No Matter What or When” is the opportunity to name your loss, own it and write through it, while moving forward. Let’s all support each other.

Group Spiritual Direction: Write Your Relationship with the Divine

Do you desire a deeper relationship with the Divine? Want to deepen a spiritual practice?  “Group Spiritual Direction: Write Your Relationship with the Divine” will help you grow in the spiritual life. The workshop is two-fold. The first part of the session begins with an overview of group spiritual direction, silence and prayer. Participants listen for the Spirit present in each person followed by confidential sharing. The second part allows time to write according to the prompts gently suggested by the workshop leader and sharing of written work if so desired by participants.